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Route 91 Survivor

Route 91 Survivor


 “We asked Chad to present the S.A.V.E. Yourself training at our Sioux City location, and it was so compelling and relevant we immediately engaged him to present the training at our other 5 locations.  Previously we had experienced an incident with a robbery with threat of use of a handgun and felt it was necessary to address training for this type of issue.  His presentation is highly relevant and engaging and addresses a lot of issues that most of us are not equipped to address internally, and honestly have no idea how to address.  

We highly recommend Chad’s services.”

- Dave Bernstein

Route 91 Survivor

Route 91 Survivor

Route 91 Survivor


 "I work for the City of Sioux Falls. I was required to take your training back in the fall of 2016 as a mandatory training the city offered. I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you. I was in Vegas at the Route 91 when gunfire broke out. Because of your training I knew I needed to run. Running is what saved my life along with my sister's. There are no words that can express how grateful and thankful I am." 

-Mackenzie Songstad, Sioux Falls, SD

Route 91 Survivor


"Samuel always focuses on safety both at work and at home, so we invited Chad after receiving rave reviews on his S.A.V.E. training class. Chad impressed all attendees with his passionate presentation and knowledge of our building and local area. His command and knowledge of the subject matter made a difficult and frightening topic easier to talk about and he engaged our team. We are all better prepared should we be faced with an active shooter in the workplace or in a public area and highly recommend the S.A.V.E. program." 

- Tom Sennett, Vice President


 "Chad's passion for education was unmistakable as he briefed over 450 unit members throughout the week.  The expertise and professionalism of Officer Sheehan provided our Wing with a clear vision of actions to take in an active killer scenario" 

 - Lawrence L. Christensen, Col IA ANG 185th 


Our experience at Wilson Trailer started with a horrible incident of workplace violence that occurred at a company across the street from one of our plants.

Our executives, including the owners, sat through Chad’s training session.  Afterward, we felt it wasn’t good enough to just get some guidance for the management team.  It was clear from the training that we needed our employees’ involvement to successfully prevent or combat an incident.  Everyone needs to look for signs of a troubled employee to prevent an incident from happening.  If an incident should ever occur, employees who know what to do provide the best opportunity to survive an incident and S.A.V.E. themselves.  We decided that training our entire company was the right thing to do. 

The training sessions also got us to think about the overall security levels in our facilities.  We made numerous changes to our perimeter security and access procedures, that we hadn’t thought about prior.  Overall, the S.A.V.E. Yourself training was good for Wilson Trailer. 

- Kurt Kefgen, Vice President, Manufacturing 


"I’ve been in education for 26 years.  I have sat through hours of in-service training that was not pertinent.  S.A.V.E. YOURSELF training with Chad Sheehan was the most emotional, educational, and entertaining training I have ever been through.  The state of South Dakota should mandate this training for every public school."

-Shane Voss, K-8 Principal, 

Freeman Public Schools, SD